A story of a human girl and a flower girl who met in the world of the distant future.

「Plantopia」project starts


Nozomu Kuoka's novel "Plantopia" begins serialization on Kakuyom.



Original animation pv by director Yuki Igarashi released



Crowdfunding starts on August 26


Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

The New Figure Project is Launched

Crowdfunding starts in late
August 2022 on Kickstarter
Collaborative Project by LAM, Kukka, Nozomu Kuoka



In the far era that is never known. The world was covered with plants and trees.

Plants swallowed all existing lives and civilizations,
and new ecosystems were born. "Flowerian" was the prime existence.
"Flowerian" is a new form of life that has the similar silhouette
as a "human" that once existed, with the same characteristics as a "flower."
While exploring the ancient ruins of the old civilization, they are building their own community.

One day, a "human" girl which has gone extinct long ago suddenly appears into the world.
Despite being perplexed with the situation,
"Flowerians" deepen their interactions with the girl and ...




Alpha is the Flowerian of "Cherry Blossom" who discovered Haru. Alpha is blunt, clumsy and unfriendly, but has a caring side. Alpha does not get along well with other Flowerians. Alpha is the only one in charge of taking care of the Garden Cemetery.


The only and probably last human being in the world. She has lost her memory and is sheltered in "Academy," the Flowerian's living area. The name, Haru, was given to her by a Flowerian, meaning "things which no longer exists in this world."


"Something" that reigns over a ruined building. It looks like a girl of around Haru's age. Its body is inorganic and hard. While it is thoroughly ruthless and merciless toward Flowerians, it has an unusual attachment only to Haru.


Natural enemies of the Flowerians. They are extremely dangerous existences that cut off the Flowerians. Nobody can communicate with them. Their true identities are shrouded in mystery, and every individual is composed of strange materials not found in "Plant."



This project started when LAM and the producer were having a conversation about doing a figure project together.
The project started with just the two people and nobody knew whether it would be realized or not.
Eventually Kukka and Nozomu Kuoka joined in, and surprisingly the project started to take shape.
Good Smile Company and Max Factory responded to our passion that everyone had put into this project,
and we were able to embody it to the point where we can present it to everyone.
This time, we need supporters who can assist us.
We established a crowdfunding on Kickstarter, so that everyone's support could be reflected on our project.
In this announcement, we will be revealing a glimpse of the world of Plantopia. With your extensive support,
we hope to develop not only figures, but also manga, anime, games and more.
We want you to enjoy the extensive world of Plantopia in different formats.
Thank you for all your kind support.

collaborative project by

Nozomu Kuoka

collaborative project by

Nozomu Kuoka

Nice to meet you. I'm Nozomu Kuoka, a writer.
It is a great honor to be working with LAM and Kukka,
the two wonderful creators who are at the
forefront of drawing the "characters" and the "world."
"Plantopia" is a story of a "memory." It's a project that has just begun,
but if you could keep this world of plants in your mind,
there is no more happiness beyond that.

collaborative project by


My name is LAM, an illustrator.
The new project I created with wonderful creators
Kukka and Kuoka is finally launching.
There are still many mysterious aspects in this project,
but please look forward to future developments.
Thank you, and please support the project with us!

collaborative project by


Kuoka's ephemeral scenario and
LAM's sharp and cool characters are very flamboyant.
I will do my best to expand the world setting of Plantopia
as much as possible, so thank you for your support!